Bumper Strip Feet

Get your replacement rubber bumper strip feet now.
For Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Book 2, and Surface Book 3.

  • Package content: 2 pcs bottom replacement bumper strip feet
  • 3M adhesive already applied with easy film removal to stick
  • Restores premium look and performance of your Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Book 2, and Surface Book 3
  • Select for your 13.5″ or 15″ Surface Book model
  • Keeps your Surface Book firmly in place
  • The Extra Grip version provides additional anti-slip performance
  • Made in the USA

Easy to apply

Premium quality rubber feet with 3M adhesive already applied for quick installation.
Simply remove the adhesive cover, align with your Surface Book feet slot.

Surface Book Feet installation instructions:

Step 1 visual: Remove the old damaged Surface Book bumper strip feet and clean any old adhesive.

Remove the old or damaged strip.
Remove and clean off any old adhesive.

Step 2 visual removing the adhesive.

Gently peel away the adhesive film.
Align and start sticking it down at one end.
Careful not to stretch the feet, fit it in the slot as you continue to stick it down.

Step 3: Continue peeling away the adhesive film and complete sticking it down.

Continue peeling away the film as you stick.
Reposition the strip if not perfectly aligned.
The adhesive is activated with pressure. Rub the feet firmly.
Ideally, leave overnight with books or other suitable weight to apply some additional pressure.