Installation is quick and easy, but we do have a few tips:

  • Since the feet are rubber, they can stretch or compress when installing. Try to install it with a “natural” state but if you find that they are either longer (may have stretched a bit), or are shorter than the channel (they compressed a little bit) – simply lift about 50% of the foot as the adhesive stays on the computer and reseat it while either gently compressing or stretching it a bit.
  • The adhesive obtains its optimal properties after 24-hours and with pressure activation. After installing, apply pressure along the feet with your fingers and leave the Surface Book overnight with some added weight like books.
  • If after use you find the feet loosen from the adhesive, an easy trick is to smear a tiny bit of super glue between the adhesive and feet and apply pressure for 20 seconds. You only need a tiny bit so don’t leave larger drops that will squeeze out.