It depends on you and your uses. We like the extra grip for a few reasons:

  • When you carry your Surface Book or pull it out of a bag, the extra grip surprisingly adds a lot of security to prevent slips and falls of the device (particularly if maybe you had some sweaty hands).
  • If you’re working on slanted surfaces or surfaces that tend to get bumped, the extra grip helps to prevent your device from sliding as easily.
  • The extra grip is a little bulkier, allowing for better airflow under your device for cooling (although, for Surface Books the bulk of the heating is in the tablet portion).
  • One potential downside is for users that lean their screen as far as possible, the bulkier feet change the balancing point and can make the device rock a little, particularly if your touching or using the stylus on the tablet.

On the other hand, the original is a great choice if you’ve never noticed that your Surface Book may slip out from between your fingers, or slide on a surface. It maintains the form and looks of your device closer to the original new state.