Gecky Feet – FAQs about replacement bumper strip feet for Microsoft Surface Book

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a refund with your 90-day satisfaction guarantee?

We offer a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for purchases directly from Just drop us an email or complete the contact form. If you purchased your item through another retailer, follow their policies – but let us know if you’re having any problems.

If something goes wrong, even after the 90 days, let us know. We’d love to help you with advice or a replacement.

What shipping times can I expect on my Gecky Feet order?

We generally package and ship orders the same or next business day. For shipments within the US, we offer free first class shipping. Technically, that should be delivered within 1-3 days but please allow a week or so depending on the current performance of the United States Postal Service.

For international destinations, we offer flat rate shipping of $9.99. Shipping speed varies greatly. In many cases, it could take 4-6 weeks to receive your item. You are responsible for any customs duties, if required, by your country.

Any tips for installation?

Installation is quick and easy, but we do have a few tips:

  • Since the feet are rubber, they can stretch or compress when installing. Try to install it with a “natural” state but if you find that they are either longer (may have stretched a bit), or are shorter than the channel (they compressed a little bit) – simply lift about 50% of the foot as the adhesive stays on the computer and reseat it while either gently compressing or stretching it a bit.
  • The adhesive obtains its optimal properties after 24-hours and with pressure activation. After installing, apply pressure along the feet with your fingers and leave the Surface Book overnight with some added weight like books.
  • If after use you find the feet loosen from the adhesive, an easy trick is to smear a tiny bit of super glue between the adhesive and feet and apply pressure for 20 seconds. You only need a tiny bit so don’t leave larger drops that will squeeze out.
What is your advice, to get the original or extra grip?

It depends on you and your uses. We like the extra grip for a few reasons:

  • When you carry your Surface Book or pull it out of a bag, the extra grip surprisingly adds a lot of security to prevent slips and falls of the device (particularly if maybe you had some sweaty hands).
  • If you’re working on slanted surfaces or surfaces that tend to get bumped, the extra grip helps to prevent your device from sliding as easily.
  • The extra grip is a little bulkier, allowing for better airflow under your device for cooling (although, for Surface Books the bulk of the heating is in the tablet portion).
  • One potential downside is for users that lean their screen as far as possible, the bulkier feet change the balancing point and can make the device rock a little, particularly if your touching or using the stylus on the tablet.

On the other hand, the original is a great choice if you’ve never noticed that your Surface Book may slip out from between your fingers, or slide on a surface. It maintains the form and looks of your device closer to the original new state.

What’s the story behind Gecky Feet’s Surface Book replacement feet?

In short, it’s a story born out of personal frustration. Read more about how Gecky Feet came to be the Microsoft Surface Book replacement feet users love.

My Gecky Feet adhesive is damaged. Can I get a replacement?

Yes, we’d be happy to mail you a free set of replacement adhesive strips and instructions on how to apply them to your existing Gecky Feet and secure them.

While installation is easy, mistakes do happen (or the adhesive may not have cured properly overnight or needed a little extra pressure to activate). It can also simply eventually fail with use. In either case, let us know and we’ll help you out.

How can I confirm if I have the 13.5″ or 15″ Surface Book model?

• On your Surface device, click the “Start” icon, or press the Windows key
• Type “surface” and open the “Surface App”
• Click “get started” or “Your Surface” menu on the left. This will display the serial number and model, e.g. “Surface Book 2 13.5-inch display”

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