Gecky Feet packaging with replacement feet lying on top of a Microsoft Surface BookWhat’s with the Gecky Feet story and Microsoft Surface Book replacement rubber feet?

The story behind the Gecky Feet range of laptop rubber feet is one of personal frustration. I’ve owned four Microsoft Surface Books and three of the four have had issues with the Surface Book rubber strip feet getting damaged or coming off. (The original Surface Book 13.5″, a replacement original 13.5″ that Microsoft was nice enough to replace even after the warranty expired when the battery swelled and the screen was bulging about to pop off. The Surface Book 2 13.5″, and briefly, the Surface Book 2 15″ but I realized I prefer the 13.5″ size. I’m sure at some point I’ll upgrade to the Surface Book 3.)

Surprisingly, through every model that had feet issues, I couldn’t find Surface Book replacement rubber strip feet (or some call them Surface Book bumpers) for my Surface Books. I would research only to find other users in search of replacement rubber strip feet for their Surface Books. I asked at the Microsoft Store without any luck. Other users reported being advised that they need to replace the entire base. Delightedly, I also found out that replacing the feet while under warranty does not affect the warranty. Twice I found some feet from sellers in China, but shipping tended to take about 6 weeks and when I received the feet they were used and deformed from poor packaging during shipment. Without adhesive incorporated, they never lasted and were a big waste of time and money.

Being particular, I couldn’t settle for some random rubber feet, so I eventually figured out a way to make replacement strips. The family helped to brainstorm names. The colorful creatures that inspired the name “Gecky Feet”, Geckos, can remarkably cling to any surface and elicit screams from unsuspecting bypassers seemed an apt choice – for the sticking to surfaces part, not the scaring part! My wife, a graphic designer, designed the packaging and website. And I started making feet. Other Surface Book owners wanted some too and it quickly became a team effort to produce, pack, and ship Gecky Feet to customers all over the world. We continue to manufacture it right here in the United States of America.

Now that your now the story, please buy your Surface Book replacement rubber strip feet directly from